8 Reasons NOT to buy from us!

Now we've been doing this for a while, we've noticed that some common objections come up all the time so I thought a good blog post might cover these off in a bit more detail:


Why are you so expensive?  💷

When most people ask this question, it's because they are comparing us to a baby wipe or a facial wipe and compared to those ordinary wipes, yes on first inspection we do seem expensive and here's why:   

  1. Baby/Facial wipes tend to be very small, tear easily, are made of plastic (i.e. don't biodegrade) are very thin, can leave you feeling sticky and don't contain any antibacterial agents to remove your body odour (don't be embarrassed - we all get it occasionally!)   In contrast, a SwetWipe Body Wipe is huge (12x8") is really, really thick and strong, smells gorgeous, is made from plant fibres (thus biodegradable) and contains Chlorhexidine, an antibacterial agent which neutralises the bacteria that cause odour.
  2. Ordinary wipes tend to be sold in packs of 50-100 wipes for often less than £1 and you can pick them up with your weekly shop in the Supermarket.  A pack will normally weigh around 100-200 grams so on first glance it looks great value.  And it is, if you're just using them to wipe your hands or your face!   However, if you're looking to clean your whole body with these, you're going to need an awful lot of them.   Sometimes in excess of 10! That's because they are so small and dry out quickly (lack of moisture).  In addition without any odour-killing ingredients, you're just spreading the bacterial all around your body.  Ewwww.  Our packs of 12 wipes are nearly double the weight at 367 grams (13oz in old money) so each wipe is literally saturated with enough solution to clean your whole body.
  3. We ship your SwetWipes to your door.  For Free! Well it's not really for free is it?  Instead the shipping price is included in the pack price.   It costs us £1.85 to ship a pack to you, so without this cost we would be a bit more affordable, however you would actually have to leave the house to go and buy them...If you don't mind doing this, then sign up for our newsletter and we will let you know when we are stocked at a pharmacy near you.

I don't like the name of them....🙉

OK, I'll let you into a little secret here (It won't be a secret anymore now..), when SwetWipes were first developed, they were originally intended to be a Wet Wipe for Sport to wipe away Sweat!  Hence the play on words.  But then, lockdown V1 hit and I had a few customers who gave these to their post-operative, ill, disabled, elderly friends or relatives.   The feedback from these customers was phenomenal!  Finally, a wipe that was big enough to clean an adults body when they couldn't shower, removed any odour and was actually pleasant to use.  So I agree, 'pass me my SwetWipes' doesn't have a great ring to it, but it's got a fascinating story and you can always just drop the first 'S' and call them WetWipes and everyone is happy 🥰

Why Can't I Flush These? 🚽

In the same way that you wouldn't flush a flannel down the toilet for fear of clogging your pipes, you can't flush these either.  They are too big and thick!  Trust us, your plumber will thank you (and also your water board for that matter)  Please dispose of them in the bin or in your composter.

What's wrong with a Flannel, Soap & Water? 🧼

Nothing!  If you're getting good results with this, why change?  Flannels are environmentally sound, cheap to use and wash and best of all, you can use your favourite smelling soap with it.  Just remember to change your flannel each day (bacteria will build up on it otherwise and it will smell awful) and wash at 60 Celcius to keep it smelling fresh and clean.  On the other hand, if you're like many of our customers who struggle to mobilise, stand or carry pots of hot water around with you, then a SwetWipe is the next best thing.   As with flannels, start with your cleanest areas first and work down the sweatiest/more private areas last. Most people will find that one wipe will be sufficient for a full body cleanse, however,  If need be, you can use 2 wipes if you're worried about cross-contamination,

I hate the smell of Coconut 🥥

Another secret here... I love this smell, however I've come to realise that it's a bit like Marmite, you either love it, or hate it.   The good news for the haters, is that we are working on some new scents.  Next up,  is likely to be a non-perfumed version and then after that, a more citrus version.  So watch this space.  If you sign up for our newsletter here then you will be informed as soon as they are on the market.  In the meantime, our regular customers tell us that the scent is light, mild and not overpowering, so you may just be surprised....

I've never heard of your company...🙄

Just in the same way that you'd probably never heard of Netflix or Apple 20 years ago, the same is true for us.  Sure, we are a new company and we haven't proven ourselves to you yet, but give us a chance to show you how good we can be.   Read our reviews.  Do a search for SwetWipes online or buy them from Amazon here if that makes you feel better.  Join our Facebook group and talk to other customers, whatever makes you feel happier.   Please tell us what we can do to become more trusted in your eyes and we will do it.  Just remember, your credit card details are safe on our site but  if you would rather phone and speak to me directly, you can!  Just call 01323 724258 (Mon-Friday 9am-5pm)

Remember, we offer a no quibble money back guarantee if you're not happy.  What have you got to lose?

I'm allergic to Chlorhexidine! 😱

This would actually be the most important objection.  If you're allergic to Chlorhexidine (commonly found in Savlon and some mouthwashes) then you can't use our wipes unfortunately.  I recommend that you try to find some other body wipes without this key ingredient.   Allergies on the skin commonly present as a red, itchy rash a bit like prickly heat.  If this happens to you, wash off the area with soap and water (soap deactivates Chlorhexidine) and discontinue use.  Please inform your doctor so they can add this to your medical notes as this is a commonly used antibacterial agent in hospitals.

Wipes are really bad for the environment! 🌎

Yes they are!  That's why we made our wipes from plant fibres (cellulose).  They will naturally break down over time, unlike regular wipes which are made from plastic.  In the same way as your cotton T-Shirt isn't bad for the environment, neither are we.  However, as mentioned above, please don't flush these.  You don't want one our wipes floating past you on your next Sea-Swim....(if they don't clog up your drains first)

Well I hope that's covered all the reasons NOT to buy from us 😂 If you have any other objections to using these that you would like me to cover, please write to me and let me know using our contact form.   I'd love to hear from you!

Liz Barnes

Owner/Founder 🌻