About Us

(and what we can do for you!)

Hello my name is Liz, and I'm the founder and creator of SwetWipes Ltd.

We are a UK company based in the Sussex Countryside near Lewes.  I set up SwetWipes in November 2019 as a grown-up alternative to baby wipes.

As a busy mum of two, trying to fit in morning runs and lunchtime gym sessions into a very hectic schedule, I noticed that there was an increasing need for a product which would help people to feel clean and smell fresh for those moments in life where access to a shower wasn't possible or practical.   Our biodegradable body wipes are perfect for events like camping holidays, after sports or sweaty workouts, after a hot commute to work by bike, train or foot, during muddy festivals, on a hiking or backpacking trip or simply to keep in your bag or locker to use whenever you want to freshen up.

Many of our customers also have physical disabilities or mobility issues that prevent them from taking showers/baths as frequently as they would like.   Feedback from these customers has been amazing to receive and they have told us that SwetWipes are an absolute lifesaver.

How do they help fight body odour? Well, our formula uses antibacterial ingredients (Chlorhexidine) which quickly work to remove the bacterial and protein elements in sweat that cause the smell.  This means that SwetWipes quickly and easily leave you feeling shower-fresh and squeaky clean whilst on-the-go. 

I knew our body wipes had to be kind to the environment, so when you use SwetWipes, you are using a wipe that is 100% biodegradable and plastic-free.  Each soft, thick and luxurious wipe is made from plant based cellulose and each wipe begins to decompose within 30-45 days if buried in the soil, or placed in the composter.   The packet containing the wipes is also made from recycled materials and our green mailing bags are all biodegradable too!

I believe our SwetWipes are the strongest, wettest and softest full-body hygine wipes on the market.  More than twice the thickness of regular baby wipes and close in size to A4 (30x20cm) - Each wipe is big enough to cleanse your whole body in one go!

I'm very early on in our mission to show people that body odour can easily be controlled when you are outdoors or on the move, and unlike a lot of international wet-wipe manufacturers, we don't have thousands of wipes to concentrate on.  Instead, I have put all my time and effort into formulating a single, fantastic product:  SwetWipes Antibacterial Body Hygiene Wipes - With Odour Control.

Now that you have discovered us, I hope that you will take the plunge and be one of over 10,000 satisfied customers that have made the decision to always have the ability to smell fresh and keep clean, no matter what life throws at you..

Lastly, we love to hear feedback from our customers (good and bad!) so please write to us at Sales@swetwipes.com and tell us what you think.    We can't wait to hear from you,



Liz x

P.S this is Leo, my dog.  He's a Rough Collie and he's not allowed anywhere near the factory or warehouse (as his hair gets everywhere!)   He often appears on our Instagram and Facebook feeds.  Follow us on there to see more of him: @SwetWipes 

October 2020 Update:

As part of our commitment to help, care and support not only our customers but others in the community, we wanted to reach out to a local charity who we felt could benefit from receiving free wipes.   The Bevern Trust are an amazing, local charity based near Lewes in East Sussex who provide round the clock care for adults with profound disabilities:  You can find out more about them by clicking on the logo below.