SwetWipes Antibacterial Body Hygiene Wipes with Anti-Odour Protection

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🥥 Full body cleansing - This pack of 12 body hygiene cleaning wipes contains two effective (but gentle) antibacterial agents Chlorhexidine and Benzalkonium Chloride, which work to remove bacterial and protein elements in sweat that cause body odour.

🥥 Large, thick and luxurious - At 30x20 cm, 1 body wipe is big enough (and wet enough!) to cleanse your whole body. Our sanitising wipes have more than double the thickness of regular baby wipes, so can they effectively rub away any dirt, sweat or body odour.

🥥 Fresh fragrance - Our XL  wipes have a light coconut scent that is suitable for both men and women. It has just the right amount of scent that will always leave you smelling shower-fresh without being overpowering.

🥥 Kind to the environment - Our sterile wipes are made from cellulose fibres, which are 100% biodegradable. They can be composted and will degrade over time, so you can bury them without worries.

🥥 Like showers, but portable! - Our travel wipes are suitable for busy people who are always exposed to dust and dirt. They are a quick solution for keeping you fresh throughout the day.

Experience feeling shower-fresh all day long.  Add SwetWipes to your basket now and feel the difference one wipe can make!

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  • Stacey Brightson

    These wipes are amazing!

    I bought these wipes after a friend recommended them. They are so big and thick and really wet and smell lovely. I keep them at work and use them before I go out for the evening. They left me smelling really nice and fresh. Top Marks, will buy them again definitely.

  • Nicola Dais

    These wipes are a lifesaver!

    My order arrived today, on the hottest day of the year in the UK and they were a life saver. They're so convenient to use between meetings with clients! Large, antibacterial with a gorgeous smell of coconut. They also came in handy for my 14 year old son who is always sweating. Thanks SwetWipes, I will definitely be ordering some more! 👏👏

  • Irene Dondertman

    I really recommend them!

    I have just received my first order and tried one. They are amazing! Strong and big enough wipe which did my whole body. The hint of light coconut fragrance was refreshing and not overwhelming. And I like that they are biodegradable and alcohol free and that I am supporting a small business.

    I really recommend them. thank you swetwipes.

    Irene aged 63.

  • Sarah Wilks

    How Amazing Are These?

    You should totally get these in the festivals!

    I hate using wipes that are plastic - but these are fab and smell amazing too.

    Got them for the gym to try as wasn’t comfortable using the showers at this time- they are perfect.

    I’ll be stocking up ready for the festivals next year.

    Thanks a million!


  • Marina Gillett

    These are the best wipes I've tried!

    This has been my first order from you and I have to say your wipes are the best/freshest ones I've tried. I'm disabled and showering has become hard work. I have been using wash wipes for weeks now and yours are the best I've tried. Thank you again for your great wipes

  • Donna McColgan

    These Wipe Have Changed My Life

    I work 2 jobs most days from 8am till 2am. I never get time to come home from one and shower before the next. I literally have to shower before bed etc. Wet wipes and baby wipes never ever leave you feeling fresh or clean at all in my opinion, but these wipes have literally made me feel so much comfortable and confident in going from one job to the next it literally is like a shower in a packet!

    They are huge and don't dry out after 10 seconds like a lot do. For anyone saying they dont like coconut smells well I myself aren't keen on coconut smells either but these smell beautiful and not over powering. Thank you so much these have literally changed my very busy days!!

  • Caryl Roberts


    I love these wipes, they are thick and smell gorgeous, I can't wait to try your new body cream you have coming out , people will love these , cause iv never bought a wipes ov this quality, well done , xxxx

  • Christine Weeks

    I love, love, love them!

    I received my order a couple of days ago and couldn't wait to try one.

    I have tried several different 'wet wipes' but really wasn't happy with any of them.

    I have severe mobility problems and spend most days in bed or on the sofa, a lot of these days I am just not up to showering, my husband would bring me a bowl of hot water and a flannel but it was such hard work.

    The great thing about your wipes, theres a list if you don't mind, they are the same size and thickness as a flannel, they are moist but not overly wet, they smell lovely but not too strongly scented and best of all I was able to lay on the bed and wash all over and was left feeling fresh and clean.

    To sum up I love love love them.

    Sorry if I'm rambled a bit but I really do love Swetwipes.

  • Deirdre Cuthill


    I’ve just received my second order of another 2 packs of this fabulous product as I used my first 2 packets really quickly. They are such a godsend when running about as the really do keep you feeling fresh and clean. The wipe is so big and thick that it can clean various parts of your body all in the one go so even though it is big you never waste any of it. It is worth every penny I paid for it and I wouldn’t be without them now. Highly recommend buying this fabulous product.

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