Testimonials From Our Customers: 

Donna McColgan from Great Yarmouth: 

I work 2 jobs most days from 8am till 2am.  I never get time to come home from one job and shower before the next.  I literally have to shower before bed etc. Wet wipes and baby wipes never ever leave you feeling fresh or clean at all in my opinion, but these wipes have literally made me feel so much comfortable and confident in going from one job to the next.  It literally is like a shower in a packet! They are huge and don't dry out after 10 seconds like a lot do. For anyone saying they don't like coconut smells, well I myself am not keen on coconut smells either, but these smell beautiful and not over powering.  Thank you so much these have literally changed my very busy days!! 

Emma Charters from North London

Initially I was worried about trying SwetWipes because i suffer from many allergies and have psoriasis. Most wet wipes react badly with my skin, or contain things I can't use. During the recent heat wave, I was washing many times a day, and my psoriasis was flaring up because of it.

Once I used them, I discovered they not only felt and smelt amazing, they didn't irritate my psoriasis at all, in fact, they left all my skin soft and i suffered no irritation.I felt like I had showered.

They’ve made a huge difference to my Life.   With my allergies and skin condition, most refreshing wipes are unusable, these take the stress out of long journeys, camping and heat waves, when constant washing irritates my skin. I can carry them with me, and have access to a product that really makes you feel clean.

I will continue to use them because they really work! An easy and practical way of not only feeling clean and refreshed, but having soft skin and smelling great.